Golden Girls Pillow

Several years ago I decided to give the gift of The Golden Girls. Full disclosure: this is not my pattern. You can buy a copy of the pattern here. I fell in love with this pattern the first time I saw it, and knew it had to live with someone who would appreciate the Fab… Continue reading Golden Girls Pillow

Shaun and the Gallows

  “If you live in The Gallows long enough, you’re bound to hang.” First words Shaun said day we got hitched. Same words every night, ever since. “If you live in The Gallows long enough, you’re bound to hang.” An’ after drownin’ in rye, he’d get fanciful how we gonna leave ‘fore we’re old, an’… Continue reading Shaun and the Gallows

Retiring Room

There’s dust on the fan blades, and the cardboard my sister had wedged between ceiling and fan base has fallen to the ground. So now there’s a clatter every first, second, third heartbeat as that metal spins off its axis and scrapes plaster off the ceiling. The gray and white scrapings do not collect in a neat pile on the… Continue reading Retiring Room

Strass Stone

  They were King and Queen. But the mascara ran and didn’t come back. In the mirror, swirling waltzes beneath refracting lights reflect back into her eyes. The moving frames bleached out the repetitions of everything he said. Red, to pink, to beige, to silence. They would still remember her. That tiny thing; it dreams.… Continue reading Strass Stone